Ask_the_vCIOs_Business Inteligence: Cloud Data Management Through Power BI 
Hosted by Nick McConnell, Director of Web Solutions

Business Intelligence: Cloud Data management through Power BI

This is the second of three cloud sessions in our ‘Ask the vCIOs’ learning series for growing businesses. In this webinar, Nick McConnell, Director of Web Solutions at Dataprise talks about Business Intelligence: Cloud Data Management Through Power BI.

During this session, Nick will help you understand the extensive and powerful capabilities of Microsoft Power BI. He gives an overview about the capabilities of this robust tool followed by a hands-on technical tutorial.

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Session Description

This session will provide guidance with a logical flow that helps you absorb the Power BI concept with details and examples. If you're a beginner with Business Intelligence, this session will get you started. If you're a Power BI veteran, this session will tie concepts together and fill in the gaps.

Session Content

  • Power BI Capabilities
  • Data Access Strategies
  • Power BI: Data Transformation
  • Power BI: Data Reporting
  • Power BI: Dashboards
  • Power BI: Ad-hoc Queries




Nick McConnell, Director of Web Solutions at Dataprise

Nick McConnell joined the Dataprise team in 2014 as our Director of Web Solutions. He has over 15 years of experience in IT and specializes in project management, .Net development, database design, and business advisory services. In addition to these specializations, he has significant experience with business intelligence systems, financial systems, and custom integrations. His consulting services typically include multiple system implementations with dynamic integrations to provide a seamless solution. Mr. McConnell has serviced clients in various industries such as not-for-profit, professional services, contracting, and government services. His business knowledge in these industries along with his technical experience in countless systems and applications make him a trusted advisor to his clients where he is frequently looked upon to provide solutions to business problems.