The Next Phase of Evolution: Office 365’s Newest Plan and What it Means For Businesses

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 2/10/16 4:37 PM

In-depth reporting, real-time data analysis, increased security threat management, and enriched daily business communications. Businesses large and small strive to grow and advance their organizations with these tools, which are among the new key features in Microsoft’s recently released enterprise plan for Office 365: E5.

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Grow Your Business with Cloud Communications

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 2/9/16 2:48 PM

Every company wants to find and hire the right talent who will do the job exceptionally well and advance their business. With today’s competitive job market, however, it can be difficult to find the right people in current office locations. As your search expands, you’ll find yourself hiring remote staff to grow your business; but, how do you keep your remote team members successfully connected?

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Prepare and Protect with Adaptive Security Architecture

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 1/20/16 11:27 AM

In 2015, the Office for Civil Rights reported that there was a combined loss of over 112 million records from health care data breaches. The Office of Personal Management also reported in 2015 that the sensitive information was stolen of over 21.5 million current, former, and prospective federal employees and contractors.

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The Next Level of Virtualization: Why you should keep an eye on SDDC

Posted by Chris Sousa on 1/8/16 4:42 PM

The basic idea of virtualization is not a new notion. In fact, you have probably endorsed the concept and virtualized your servers. But, what’s next? Imagine a world where not only your business’ servers are virtualized, but your network and storage are as well. Just as server virtualization created a revolutionary impact in the IT world years ago, software-defined data centers (SDDC) will take virtualization to the next level and allow businesses to reap the benefits.

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Drive Success: 5 Keys to Selecting the Right Business Application

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 12/21/15 2:55 PM

Think back to the last time you bought a car. How did you determine it was the right car for you? Did you extensively research its features, longevity, customization options, and price? Did you take it on a test drive and compare it with other similar models?

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Winter Is Coming: Time to Stoke Up the Human Firewall!

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 12/2/15 2:24 PM

Winter may be coming, but the threat of winter storms is not the only danger out there to your business operations. One of the biggest and most neglected hazards to your business lies much closer to home: your employees.

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'Tis the Season: How to Gift Your IT Staff a Vacation

Posted by Chaz Chalkley on 11/17/15 12:05 PM

With a hearty Thanksgiving meal around the corner comes the promise of vacation days, time spent with loved ones, and a celebration of the holiday season. However, there’s one department that usually doesn’t get to fully experience all the relaxation and good cheer as everyone else, and that’s your IT department.

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Connect & Collaborate- Empower Your Business with Cloud Communications

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 11/6/15 3:54 PM

Imagine a world where the only time you and your team collaborated was in face-to-face meetings that required precious time spent traveling and planning. In today’s business world, this is an outdated and impractical notion that could lead to a significant loss of productivity.

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Elevate Efficiency: 3 Ways SharePoint Boosts Success

Posted by Nick McConnell on 11/4/15 9:53 AM

Nationwide, Viacom, United. What do these companies have in common? Each of these businesses discovered how to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity through SharePoint.

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Is Your Phone System Ready for the Future?

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 10/23/15 3:34 PM

Do you have employees in your company who telecommute, spend time in the field, or work in remote offices? Chances are your answer to these questions is yes. Today’s workplace is changing. Staffs are growing and more mobile, and customers demand higher quality communications. Is your current phone system able to support this changing work environment?

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