Is Wearable Technology Good for Business?

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 9/16/14 8:00 AM

Wearable technology

Several leading tech companies have been touting wearable technology for quite some time. According to them, these devices are the way of the future. While that may be the case, the jury is still out when it comes to the present, as many companies are trying to figure out if wearable tech is a worthwhile investment. For them, the question is all about determining if these devices are good for business or just another passing fad.

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Top 5 Ways to Use Technology to Train Employees

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 9/9/14 8:00 AM

Training with technology

Training employees, while necessary and beneficial, can be a huge financial burden on a company. The cost of training coupled with the time it takes to bring a new employee up to speed on company software and other procedures, positions finding ways to make training more time and cost effective as a top priority. New technologies have been creating efficiencies in human resources and employee training for the last few years and can help your business streamline the employee training process. Here are five ways to use technology to make training more effective and efficient.

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5 Benefits of Deploying a Hybrid Cloud

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 9/2/14 8:00 AM

Hybrid cloud

With everyone moving to the cloud, company data centers seem to be a way of the past. But with many cloud options to choose from, how do you figure out which one is best suited for your business? For many companies, the answer could be a hybrid cloud approach. This system combines the flexibility of a public cloud infrastructure with the security settings of private cloud solutions. Here are five reasons why a hybrid cloud is probably right for your business.  

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4 Top Benefits of Outsourcing your Help Desk

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 8/26/14 8:00 AM

Help Desk Tickets

Organizations that field help desk or customer service requests are painfully aware of the huge drain it can have on the operational budget. Building an in-house help desk team requires a large amount of overhead and resources that can take away from the bulk of your company's revenue-generating operations. A better option for many small to mid-sized companies is to outsource their help desk operations to a managed services provider (MSP) that is already set up to handle large-volume calls and questions related to your company's technology or services. Here are four benefits that make outsourcing your help desk a viable option to consider.

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4 Benefits of Switching to a Virtual Server

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 8/19/14 8:00 AM

Virtual server cost savings

Running a business server can get expensive. Between maintenance, equipment, housing, and security, the costs add up very quickly. In fact, for most businesses that don't have very specific and specialized server needs, running a server in-house is a gross inefficiency. Even co-location, the practice of housing a server at a communal space while paying for the equipment and maintenance yourself, is usually unnecessary for most small and mid-size companies. An alternative that makes much more sense, both financially and practically, is a virtual server.

In a virtual server environment, your company's server exists as a virtual machine running on a shared server operated by a hosting company or managed service provider. Because your server shares physical space and computing resources with others, costs to individual servers remain low, and maintenance is split between everyone on the server and figured into the monthly costs up front. So, what are the benefits of switching? Here are the top four.

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Should Your Small Business Choose a Larger MSP?

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 8/12/14 8:00 AM

Should you choose a large MSP?Small businesses often feel that they need to look for vendors that are similar in size to them. When many small business owners go shopping for a managed service provider, they often write off large companies immediately. This usually comes with many justifications: "We can't afford them anyway", or "They won't care about a business as small as mine", or even "They don't understand the needs of a small business." While we can't speak about other fields, in the MSP arena nothing could be further from the truth.

There are many good reasons to go with a smaller provider for your managed service needs; however, most of them are just as true at large MSPs. In fact, there are a lot more advantages to going with a larger MSP than a smaller one. Not only will you get a much higher level of service with a larger MSP, you will also get more personal and individualized service.

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How to Create an IT Budget

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 8/5/14 8:00 AM

How to Create an IT BudgetCreating and building out an IT budget can present a dilemma for many CEOs and CFOs: should you set a budget first and then work within it? Should you determine your needs and build a budget around that? What's a good estimate for how large an IT budget should be as a percentage of revenue? Having a CIO or Director of IT can help the process move along much more smoothly, but for companies who haven't filled those positions, the budgeting process can seem complicated and risky. In this article, we'll help you understand the intricacies of building out a technology budget, and the steps you should take to make sure that you and your employees have the tools to do your jobs well without breaking the bank.

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5 Ways a vCIO Can Make Your Company More Efficient

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 7/29/14 8:00 AM

vCIO working efficentlyThe push to outsource IT infrastructure from companies has often been characterized in terms of technicians and engineers, workstations and servers. More recently, however, the push for a more efficient and proactive IT management paradigm has led many companies, especially small and mid-sized ones, to consider outsourcing their technology needs all the way up to the top. This has led to the creation of the vCIO, or virtual Chief Information Officer. This position helps companies that can't necessarily afford another full-time C-level executive be able to compete on an equal playing field with much larger organizations. Here are five benefits of hiring a vCIO for your business:

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3 Cloud Solutions You Didn't Think You Needed (But Now Can't Live Without)

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 7/22/14 8:00 AM

3cloudsolutionsIt hasn't been that long since telling your IT staff you wanted to move to the cloud would cause blank stares and water cooler rumors that you were losing your mind. Of course, these days, it's hard to even talk about information technology without the words "cloud services" coming up. The radical shift from traditional service providers to cloud-based has happened quickly, and caught many companies off guard. More importantly, unlike other major shifts in IT that happen from the top down, like operating system changes and standards evolution, the move to the cloud was precipitated almost entirely from the ground up. Once business owners and IT managers realized the utility, ease, and savings that come with doing business in the cloud, the transition was inevitable. Here are three services that redefined the way companies do business, and are now indispensable. 

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The Ins and Outs of Outsourcing

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 7/15/14 8:00 AM

super_heroThe last few decades have turned efficiency into the must-have virtue for growing companies. The quest to get more out of less has led many businesses to look at outsourcing tasks and departments that don't fit within their core functions. One area where outsourcing continues to make a huge difference is IT management. Growing businesses of all kinds have enough on their plates managing their revenue generating activities, so it makes sense to try to move as much of the non-revenue generating tasks away from in-house departments as possible.

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