Considering an IT Partner? 4 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Commit

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 8/25/15 11:50 AM


If you have decided that your business needs an IT Partner, congratulations, you’ve made the first of the two decisions that lead to disruption-free IT, freeing up more time to focus on running your core business. The second, tougher decision is to actually select your IT partner.

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The Real Reason The Cloud Reduces Costs

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 8/10/15 8:17 AM

You hear it all the time; the cloud cuts costs.  While you may see a reduction in costs due to elimination of expensive installation and equipment fees, the real cost savings comes over time. Ultimately, to understand all of the ways the cloud reduces cost, you must first understand the cloud.

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IT Mid-Year Must-Do's

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 7/27/15 3:07 PM


Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2015? You might be more apt to think about assessing your technology needs at the beginning or end of each year, but the mid-year point marks an important time for your business. Just as you check batteries in your smoke detector twice a year, your IT plan needs regular maintenance, too. Businesses change quickly, especially in an advanced technological age. It’s vital to continually ensure your technology meets the current needs of your business. 

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The Clock has Struck Zero: Microsoft Ends Support for Windows Server 2003

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 7/13/15 1:00 PM

We don't want to scare you, but if you’re still running Windows Server 2003 your business may be at serious risk.

As of today, July 14, Microsoft will no longer provide updates to Windows Server 2003. This does not mean, however, that the software will cease to exist. You will still be able to use it, but it’s important to understand the risks and possible migration solutions.

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Are You Paying Too Much for Telecom? How to Get the Services You Need at a More Affordable Price

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 6/29/15 4:47 PM

When was the last time you actually analyzed your business’ telecom invoice? Chances are you just pay off your bill every month without giving too much thought as to why it costs so much. You could be over-paying simply because you’re paying for services you don’t need. It’s vital to understand your telecom options so you can optimize your communication, reduce your business’ expenses, and ultimately help your business’ bottom line.

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Prepare Your Business for Summer Disasters: 3 Ways to Weather the Storm

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 6/15/15 8:36 AM

With the arrival of summer, we traditionally think barbeques, ice cream, and afternoons by the water, not power outages, hurricanes, and floods. However, from a business perspective, these are the realities for which you need to be prepared, as weather can seriously impact your bottom line.

While hurricanes and floods can damage business property, increased temperatures can lead to increased costs due to constant cooling and air conditioner servicing. Server rooms can overheat, the Internet can go down, and you could suffer from downtime. Is your business positioned with multiple recovery points and a plan for when you experience these disasters?

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Are You Ready for Windows 10? A Checklist for Early Adopters

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 6/1/15 9:27 AM

Are you THAT person? The one who's standing in line at Best Buy in the freezing cold at 5:00 a.m. just so you can be the first to get your hands on the newest smartphone? We hear you; new technology is exciting and fun to interact with, however, there are some factors you should take into consideration before jumping on the early adoption bandwagon.

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An Investment in IT is an Investment in Your Business

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 5/19/15 8:14 AM

How much would it cost your business to be offline for a few hours? Or a few days?

IT is a core component to running and operating daily business functions, and most businesses cannot function when their IT infrastructure goes down. Investing wisely in your IT could help you save more in the long run.

Many IT costs are significantly less than they were even a few years ago, such as bandwidth and storage. Internet circuits have also significantly reduced in cost. Many times, people stick with the same plan they had signed up for years ago and are now unknowingly overpaying.

Here are three things to consider when investing in IT:

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IT is Driving Your Business, But Are You Wearing Your Seatbelt?

Five Ways to Attack Vulnerabilities Head On

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 5/4/15 10:14 AM

Cyber attacks can occur at any moment. Many businesses struggle to defend themselves against these attacks, leading to halted business production and an explosion of costs.  Whether it’s a small mistake of one of your employees, dangerous viruses, or malicious network intrusion (i.e., hacking), the impact can be considerable. Many businesses have tried to solve their IT issues internally, causing major distractions and the potential of inadequately fixing the issues.

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Why You Should Care About Microsoft Azure Now

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 4/20/15 2:00 PM

As Microsoft ends support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, there’s no better time to educate yourself on Microsoft Azure – especially if you are considering an infrastructure refresh in the near future and are thinking of moving to the cloud. 

Chances are you’ve heard of Azure – but what exactly is it and what are the benefits of using it? Simply put, Azure is a public cloud platform developed by Microsoft that offers a collection of services. There is a full cloud option, as well as a hybrid option, which uses both on-premise resources and the public cloud. Azure supports current Microsoft and Linux operating systems, languages, tools, and frameworks so you can build a scalable infrastructure to meets your needs.

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