There’s no I in IT

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 3/26/12 10:29 AM

There’s no I in IT

Last week, Dataprise held its annual All-Hands inter-company meeting where our company’s executives and directors took to the stage and spoke to where we’ve been as a company and where we’re going. The day was moderated by our COO, and my friend, Scott Gordon who started the day off by telling our DP family the story of how it all began, that is, how Dataprise came to be, launching some 17 years ago. Scott talked about taking a leap of faith — how he prepared and educated himself by way of cramming in as much research as one possibly could the weekend leading up to the defining meeting, which ultimately lead to our first client win in 1995. At that time the business of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) was in its inception. And, in many ways with IT ever changing, the unknowns are still as vast and even more exciting as they were then. New players, new technologies, competing markets, and the global IT field means a business’s or even an industry’s productivity and accountability are at once more scrutinized and more fluid. What have we learned by leaping as it were? We’ve learned to trust our gut. This year, Dataprise is ranked one of the top 15 leading MSPs worldwide. Our infrastructure is designed and staffed to manage the technology challenges of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) — leading with our proprietary Support365™ Managed Services Plans and backed by our deep pool of business technology expertise and our strategic consulting capabilities.

But, what I was most struck by throughout our All-Hands meeting was that every leader who presented spoke of a leap of faith he or she took with respect to coming to work for Dataprise. Each shared a unique story of trust and intuition, one of synergy meeting happenstance — and felt it wasn’t necessarily something tangible, but rather a commonality of passion, ethics and integrity.

Today, manned with a staff of over 150 certified network technical consultants and support staff, Dataprise supports over 1,000 organizations with their business technology. Suffice it to say that innovation comes from the weirdest places. It can come from our clients, our DP team or the UPS guy. We listen to all ideas and have built an adaptive, progressive business model that encourages thoughtful, intelligent, and democratic discourse. I am proud of how far we’ve come; I am proud of what we’ve built, and where we’re heading. What’s on the horizon for Dataprise is something I’m excited to be a part of, as new relationships will impact our success and our growth going forward. Dataprise has experienced growing pains like everyone, but being prepared and positioned to tackle the next big problem has lead us to the forefront of our industry. I can say without a doubt, that our teams are comprised of some of the brightest minds working in IT today. Great thinkers beget great rewards. And, I can attest, in Dataprise’s case, great teams that (to use a cycling term) draft off the ingenuity of those closest to them gain better positioning in business and in life. I wrote this month’s blog to say, “thank you” to all at Dataprise, and I promise there’s another gear we’re about to shift into, so get ready...

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