Are You Paying Too Much for Telecom? How to Get the Services You Need at a More Affordable Price

Posted by Dataprise Digest - Weekly Tech Insight on 6/29/15 4:47 PM

Are You Paying Too Much for Telecom? How to Get the Services You Need at a More Affordable Price


When was the last time you actually analyzed your business’ telecom invoice? Chances are you just pay off your bill every month without giving too much thought as to why it costs so much. You could be over-paying simply because you’re paying for services you don’t need. It’s vital to understand your telecom options so you can optimize your communication, reduce your business’ expenses, and ultimately help your business’ bottom line.

Here are three factors to consider when analyzing telecom options:

  1. Shop around. There are numerous carriers to choose from including Comcast, Verizon, Level 3, Windstream, AT&T, XO, Allied and CenturyLink. Each of these carriers offers different solutions, including Internet, dial tone, wide area networks, and Voice over IP.  With so many carrier choices and solutions, how do you know which one is the best to support your business’ needs? You’ll need to first determine which solutions your business requires. For example, you should consider your company’s preferences and needs with regard to downtime, uptime, and redundancy so that the solution and carrier option you select fits the context of your business’ needs.

  2. Negotiate your contract. In short, it’s important not to overlook any elements of a contract, especially the terms and conditions (T&C) and service legal agreements (SLA). You should have a clear understanding of the metrics, responsibilities, and expectations of the carrier such as network availability, latency, and repair time. Additionally, you should consider all the fees outlined in the contract, such as hardware configuration fees and inside wiring fees.

  3. Understand support options. From the initial solution design all the way through the implementation process and utilization, ongoing support is essential. Having the right solution designed to fit your specific environment managed by an experienced ISP allows you to focus your energy on managing your business. You should account for scalability and determine; for example, should the need arise, how much does a bandwidth upgrade or additional support cost? As your business grows, you’ll want to be prepared and know what options you have.

You may see managing your telecom bill and services as a tedious task, and it can be, especially when you’re trying to run a successful business. Do you have the time to contact all of the carriers and compare their proposals? Telecom consultants have access to 40+ carriers and know which carriers perform best with each technology. From finding you the right carrier that fits your business’ needs to negotiating the best pricing, telecom consultants can do the heavy lifting for you.

You can learn more about our carrier and telephony services here, and contact Dataprise for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.



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