Nick McConnell

Nick McConnell joined the Dataprise team in 2014 as our Director of Web Solutions. He has over 15 years of experience in IT and specializes in project management, .Net development, database design, and business advisory services. In addition to these specializations, he has significant experience with business intelligence systems, financial systems, and custom integrations. His consulting services typically include multiple system implementations with dynamic integrations to provide a seamless solution. Mr. McConnell has serviced clients in various industries such as not-for-profit, professional services, contracting, and government services. His business knowledge in these industries along with his technical experience in countless systems and applications make him a trusted advisor to his clients where he is frequently looked upon to provide solutions to business problems.

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Elevate Efficiency: 3 Ways SharePoint Boosts Success

Posted by Nick McConnell on 11/4/15 9:53 AM

Elevate Efficiency: 3 Ways SharePoint Boosts Success

Nationwide, Viacom, United. What do these companies have in common? Each of these businesses discovered how to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity through SharePoint.

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