Elevate Efficiency: 3 Ways SharePoint Boosts Success

Posted by Nick McConnell on 11/4/15 9:53 AM

Elevate Efficiency: 3 Ways SharePoint Boosts Success

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Nationwide, Viacom, United. What do these companies have in common? Each of these businesses discovered how to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity through SharePoint.

Using SharePoint as a business tool can boost your company’s success and productivity to a new level. Yokohama Tire Canada, a large tire manufacturer, used SharePoint to reduce an average process cycle time from 7 business days to 18.5 hours, equaling an 89% total reduction of the project cycle period. By utilizing SharePoint, you and your employees can optimize your time and focus on running your business. Here are 3 ways that SharePoint can boost your success:

Process Automation & Workflows

SharePoint allows you to create customized workflows that can automate and streamline manual business processes such as document approvals, employee onboarding, and expense reports. The use of automated workflows coordinates group effort and input in a productive and organized manner, as well as enables your business to efficiently manage project tasks. This can be essential to keeping your project on schedule, especially when projects involve multiple departments across the business.

Workflows also help monitor document collaboration and support the implementation of consistent business process practices. This reduces the chance of human error and optimizes project cycle times for your business. Download Case Study Pic

Document Management

On-the-go document access can be a hassle; however, by using SharePoint as a document management system, employees can access company documents with their mobile devices and without having to log in to a virtual private network (VPN).  SharePoint also grants employees the ability to collaborate on documents and keep accurate track of versioning. This reduces the amount of time employees spend sifting through emails looking for revised documents and reduces organizational risk of distributing wrong or outdated versions.

Whether you have one office or if you have multiple offices across the country, utilizing SharePoint’s document management system creates a central location for all of your employees to access and collaborate on company documents.

System Integrations

Do you currently use separate programs to access your sales, accounting, and customer data? SharePoint’s system integrations allow you to create a central location for data access by bringing into a single user interface customized customer relationship management (CRM) and software such as SalesForce. This program connectivity cuts down on time employees spend accessing programs and brings together real-time data for project teams.

Integrations also assist with the creation of comprehensive overviews of your business’ data. This leads to beneficial insight on the areas where there is room for process improvement and where your company is succeeding.

SharePoint is a valuable multi-use asset that can optimize employee productivity and operational efficiency. Its many customizable features allow you to organize, manage, and improve your business processes and data in one centralized location.

Interested in learning what SharePoint can do for your business? Contact us today to discover how to boost your business’ success with SharePoint.

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