Prepare Your Business for Summer Disasters: 3 Ways to Weather the Storm

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Prepare Your Business for Summer Disasters: 3 Ways to Weather the Storm

With the arrival of summer, we traditionally think barbeques, ice cream, and afternoons by the water, not power outages, hurricanes, and floods. However, from a business perspective, these are the realities for which you need to be prepared, as weather can seriously impact your bottom line.

While hurricanes and floods can damage business property, increased temperatures can lead to increased costs due to constant cooling and air conditioner servicing. Server rooms can overheat, the Internet can go down, and you could suffer from downtime. Is your business positioned with multiple recovery points and a plan for when you experience these disasters?

Preparing your IT environment for summer weather will not only safeguard your network from these possible disasters, it will also improve your overall IT infrastructure. Here are the three ways to prepare your IT infrastructure for summer weather:

  1. Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan
    The quickest road to restoration after a disaster is a solid recovery plan. To develop an effective plan, all departments within your company should be involved. Within each department, the critical needs should be identified. At the end of the process, you should know what information and equipment are needed in order to continue operations in case the worst happens.
  1. Regularly Test Your Data Backup and Recovery Plan
    To survive a possible disaster, it’s essential to have multiple backup procedures in place, ranging from a daily backup to an in-house server to automated offsite replication of critical data. An additional safety net includes implementing cloud backup services. This route spreads your data across different servers with multiple Internet connections, making it incredibly rare that your data is totally unreachable in the event of a disaster.

  2. Ensure Backup Generators or Power Supplies Are Accessible
    If you own your building or space, a backup generator can be extremely beneficial in case power is interrupted. Backup generator not an option? Try an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that can provide enough power for your systems to save whatever files on which you are currently working. Using these systems will prevent sudden data loss, allowing you enough time to initiate the disaster preparedness plan.

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