CIO's Guide to Disaster Recovery Planning


Do you want to minimize downtime and recover efficiently when disaster strikes?

The types of disasters and their impacts on an organization and its business continuity are varied, from ransomware attacks to natural disasters.

Outages can result in the loss of data such as emails, accounting data, patient or client files, or company records. Not only can this lead to financial loss, but reputational loss and increased GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) risks.

Don't be caught off guard. Having a well-crafted IT disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan is essential to ensuring your organization can efficiently and effectively resume business operations and recover critical technology needs after a disaster event.

What You'll Get from Our Guide:

  • A comprehensive, step-by-step disaster recovery planning guide
  • An actionable disaster recovery plan checklist to get you started developing your organization's plan
  • Bonus BCDR Tabletop Exercise

Download the Checklist

What's Inside


Disaster Recovery Planning Guide

Examination of the 5 steps to take to quickly and efficiently respond to a disaster event — Identify, Define, Document, Test, and Refine/Repeat.

Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist

Based off the key action items laid out in the planning guide, use this checklist to create a Disaster Recovery Plan for your organization.

Bonus: BCDR Tabletop Exercise

This exercise is designed to spark discussion within your IT department on your organizational preparedness for a disaster event in the highlighted scenario, as well as provide tangible guidance on areas to improve.