Getting Started with Zero Trust

Implementation Considerations

“Never trust; always verify.”

This is the philosophy of the Zero Trust security model. Although the conversation around Zero Trust has become more commonplace since the beginning of the pandemic, there is still confusion around what it is and how an organization can implement it.

More than 80% of all cyberattacks involve credentials use or misuse in the network. Building and implementing a Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) helps prevent cyberattacks in hybrid workplaces where employees are no longer confined to their organization’s internal network. However, its success is dependent on consistent monitoring, adapting, and remediating.

Join Dataprise experts for an insightful dialogue around Zero Trust implementation considerations, including:

  • What Zero Trust is and is not
  • The benefits of ZTNA
  • ZTNA from both a security and an infrastructure perspective
  • Challenges and caveats around usability and performance
  • Understanding and overcoming the trade-offs, and more.


Stephen Jones_headshots

Stephen "Jones" Jones
VP, Cybersecurity Services

Jeff Averbeck

Jeff Averbeck
VP, Cloud Services