International Conflict & Cyber Warfare

How the Private Sector Is Affected

Organizations are aware of the proliferation of ransomware and data breaches, but the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict has introduced even more uncertainty and complexity. Private business and IT leaders are wondering what happens next in a climate like this.

The effects of international conflict and cyber warfare on the private sector cannot be understated. While they certainly are targets of direct cyber attacks, the damage most businesses will face is from the increased visibility of geopolitical risk.

Join experts from Dataprise and Info-Tech Research Group for an enlightening discussion and Q&A session, where they'll cover:

  • Types of political risks that affect the private sector
  • The importance of the public-private relationship in combatting threats
  • What all this means for your organization and steps to take


Tara Bartels (1)

Tara Bartels
vCIO, Dataprise

Headshots_Newslewtter_Samuel Bourgeois

Sam Bourgeois
vCISO, Dataprise

Fred Chagnon headshot

Fred Chagnon
Principal Research Director, Info-Tech Research Group

Jeremy Roberts headshot

Jeremy Roberts
Research Director, Info-Tech Research Group