Making the Case for Cloud: How to Convince Leadership its Time to Migrate to a Modern Infrastructure

Making the Case for the Cloud_Spread

Upgrading technology takes effort, but it’s also one of the best ways to stay competitive.

As organizations evaluate their IT infrastructure, leaders are likely given numerous reasons to migrate to the cloud. If they still haven’t made up their minds, though, it’s clear that the rationale is falling on deaf ears. In this whitepaper, we’ll explore what it takes to convince leadership that migrating to the cloud is the best possible option for their organization:

  • Security: When surveyed by Deloitte, 58% of IT professional respondents believed that data protection prompted the migration, as modernized infrastructure can improve the overall security posture
  • Resiliency: Proper disaster recovery is the best way to keep a company up and running immediately following a crisis
  • Optimization: While an expense in the short-term, modern infrastructure is undeniably more efficient than its traditional counterparts
  • Costs: It costs less overall to use the cloud, as it helps teams allocate their resources with precision
  • Industry-Proven Strategy: Outsourced teams can help organizations pinpoint an effective strategy that can be implemented quickly.


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What's Inside

Making the Case for the Cloud_Spread

Cloud Infrastructure is Better Suited for Modern Threats

Cloud Infrastructure allows organizations to choose a platform that introduces layers of security and provides protection against modern attacks.

Expand Disaster Recovery Functionality and Business Resiliency

When it comes to planning ahead for multiple different disaster scenarios, Cloud Infrastructure is the most ideal because of the flexibility it provides and allows for. 

Why Optimizing your Environment is Everything

Cloud Infrastructure makes it possible to scale your business without necessarily having to scale your costs. It's all too common for servers to do a fraction of the job they were designed for. 

Operational Expense vs Upfront Expenditures

A modern cloud environment setup takes fewer resources than a traditional setup. Considering how technology can change on a dime, the goal is to stay ahead of the curve whenever possible. With the cloud, you can choose a provider with cutting-edge protection, so you can rely on their expertise when needed.