IT Guidebook: Return to the Workplace

Read the defacto technology playbook for supporting your employees' workplace  return.


Your Pre-Game, Readiness & Post-Game Playbook

Following a year of employees’ working remotely in response to COVID-19, businesses are now facing a new challenge: how and when to return to the office safely. Download the Return to Workplace IT Guidebook: 2021 Edition to find out how to successfully Return to Work and get to your "new normal".

Produced by the vCIOs on our Strategic Consulting team at Dataprise, this guidebook provides: 

  • A proven checklist for businesses approaching the IT portion of a Return to Workplace (RTW) Plan;
  • Tips on preparing your business, its employees, and stakeholders who use your organization’s IT infrastructure.
Download our white paper now to find out how to successfully Return to Work and get to your "new normal".

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What's In the Guidebook?

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Get a list of considerations that will help shape your return-to-work preparedness plan.


Get CDC recommendations distilled into a handy checklist you can use to promote health in your workplace.


Get insights and examples into how to perform a "post-game" review on your organization's pandemic response.

The Workplace Will Never Be Same

Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

Hybrid models of remote work are likely to persist in the wake of the pandemic with 82% of company leaders planning on allowing employees to work remotely part-time. Make sure your IT can support the new normal going forward.

Accelerating Technology Investments

Optimizing the hybrid workplace requires accelerating investments to support virtual collaboration and creativity, as well as for scheduling and safety. Over 60% of executives expect to raise spending on virtual collaboration tools and manager training.

Too Many Remote Work Tools

62% of companies use three or more video calling platforms, which is confusing and inefficient. You need to understand the options available so you can give recommendations on how to simplify collaboration for your team.