Surviving the Big Quit

Maintaining Business Continuity & Reducing Key Person Dependency Risk 

The Great Resignation or Big Quit has highlighted the need for organizations to seriously consider their risk of key person dependency.

For unprepared organizations, the exit of a key person can leave a wide knowledge gap leading to anything from short-term confusion to a full-blown business continuity threat and reputation damage.

Join Dataprise and Risk Cooperative for an enlightening discussion around:

  • The latest tools, strategies, and processes associated with minimizing key person dependency risk
  • Insider risk and the new NSA/CISA tools to assess
  • How IT & HR work together to protect key systems access during offboarding

  • How these risk controls correlate with cybersecurity liability and insurance policies and premiums

  • Succession planning as part of your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan


John Ruiz_headshots

John Ruiz
vCIO, Dataprise


Andres Franzetti
Co-Founder & CEO, Risk Cooperative